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A done-for-you plan that will help you lose weight and get fit, without injuring or starving yourself...

The Weight Loss Challenge+ is a custom-built program to suit your needs in the gym and flow with your plans outside of it

Our superstar coaches will lead you through a customized program over 8 semi-private training sessions.

We’ll hit you with a combination of strength, agility, endurance, conditioning, mobility, cardio and core to push you to the next level of fitness (or at the very least to help beat the burgers out of you!)

Before that, we’ll get you in for a one-on-one session to see how you move and what your goals are, so that we can plan the perfect program just for you. 

You’ll also have access to larger group workouts at BOMB and a delicious 7-day meal plan with recipes and shopping lists.

Finally, there will be an accountability group where we'll issue weekly challenges to keep you focused and lots of articles and videos to develop your mindset as well as your body.

Session Times

(Beginning the week of Monday, November 12th 2018)

Broadview - Wednesdays @ 8pm

Beach - Mondays @ 7pm

Danforth - Mondays @ 7am, 7pm & 8pm, Wednesdays @ 6pm & 8pm, Thursdays @ 10:15am & 7pm

So what do you get?

* 8 x Semi-Private Training sessions (1-4 people) held in an intimate, private setting.

* A customized training program designed for you and your needs.

* A one-on-one intake session with measurements and movement screening.

* Unlimited group classes at all three east end locations.

* A seven day delicious meal plan with recipes and shopping list.

* Four weekly challenges to complete for prizes. 

* Access to a private accountability Facebook group.

* Save $100 off the regular price.

You WILL love training here if... 

You’ve never felt at home at a regular gym

You will be training alongside exceptional humans in a warm and supportive environment. Our instructors and members are cool, down-to-earth people who will bring out the best in you. Our tagline could read “No Assholes” but we don’t think the neighbourhood would appreciate that on our sign.  

You’re excited about the done-for-you aspect of programming.

This plan is convenient and pretty much done-for-you. We create the programs, meal plans and challenges.

This means you can leave the stressors of home knowing that when you walk in for your sessions everything will be ready to go.

All you have to do is work as hard as you can for the level you are at, and then go home to rest and get on with your life.  

You WON'T love training here if... 

  • You’re an earplugs-in-and-go type of person.
  • It’s cool to have the focus and motivation to train on your own but we’re an inclusive gym where members not only like to meet other people but get the vibe, comradery and atmosphere that only a group can create. 
  • You’re after the cheapest option possible. 
  • For the 8 sessions you’ll be working with a maximum of three other people, one experienced trainer and everything is done for you. This is highly focused coaching that takes a lot of work and to keep this level of service and attention we must charge an appropriate price. 
  • In saying that, we are still far cheaper than other training gyms like F45, Crossfit or Orange Theory.
  • You expect coaches to shout and spit in your face.
  • We love to motivate you but take a very different coaching approach. It’s encouraging but more welcoming. One that tries to stir intrinsic motivation, just enough so that you become self-sufficient and maybe not even need us any more! 
  • So, if you need a drill sergeant or a vanity coach complimenting how slippy your biceps look, sorry, you won’t find that here.  


* Two payment option = one payment now and one when the challenge begins.

"Bomb is first rate, top to bottom. I feel like I've found so much more than a place to work out - I've found a community. Classes are as challenging as you make them and there's a great variety, both in terms of class type & instructor approach. The trainers always have something on the go to keep us engaged and having fun. And you can bring your kids if you need!" - Kim C

Claire's Story...

What was your biggest fear getting started? My biggest fear when starting SPT was that the workouts would always be the same for everyone and I would either not be fit enough or not be challenged and be bored. I had only ever done personal training before so didn’t know what to expect from a small group training.

My experience has been that the program changes often and there are many exercises I have never done before so I am constantly learning new things. Variations of the exercises are always available to make the exercises more or less challenging. I can honestly say after several months of doing SPT I am not bored of the workouts. What was your fitness like before beginning your SPT experience at Bomb? I had been doing group classes a couple times a week for several months before starting SPT but was struggling to see progress. I was lifting the same weights in the classes for months and didn’t know how to progress further. What results have you seen since you started? I have seen a big increase in my strength during the SPT sessions. I also see progress in other group classes and have more confidence to try the difficult variation of an exercise or lift a heavier weight. What would you say is the biggest thing you have learned since you started? I learned that I really like lifting heavy things and I am capable of a lot more than I thought! What advice would you give to someone if they were interested but apprehensive to start SPT? My advice would be to just give it a try and you might be surprised. It isn’t intimidating and the workouts are modified as needed so that no one is left behind and everyone is challenged regardless of their current fitness level or any existing injuries.  

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